Rug Aid in the Gambia, December 2011: teaching in the workshop
Heather's Rug Aid students, blind and sighted, gave her a warm welcome.

Heather has missed seeing Jamma on her last few visits. This bonny baby is the reason for her absence: welcome back!


Miriam and some children
Miriam is the twin sister of Pam (who is in other photos) and this was her first visit: she was very moved by what she saw.


Heather and a rug-maker
Heather is wearing a locally-made turban (in what is clearly this year's colour) to protect her hair from the dust.

Rug makers
These two women are working on a prayer mat, the design of which is based on Ebrima's own prayer mat.


Rug-making at home
When Heather and Miriam visited Mr Touray's compound, they were delighted to see rug-makers working at home. Jainaba is one of his very talented daughters.


GOVI School premises
This is the room which the GOVI School has offered to let Rug Aid rent for £1,200 a year. We hope that includes use of the shade under the tree!

In the workshop
Another prayer mat being hooked.


In the workshop
Two sighted women working together.


In the workshop
These women are making a prayer mat.

The busy workshop
There is a lot going on in the background of this picture, behind a happy rug-maker.


Outside the workshop
Every morning, the students would be at the workshop before Heather arrived.


The husband of this talented rug-maker, working on a lovely rug featuring a star, is blind.