Rug Aid in the Gambia, December 2011: at the Trade Fair
Heather and Ebrima worked on the stand at the Gambian Chamber of Commerce Trade Fair for ten days from 8th December. They were joined by one sighted rug-maker and one blind one.

Preparing the stand
Ebrima and Sainabou hang rugs on the walls which Heather lined with fabric, using an ornament to knock in the nails!


Part of the gallery of rugs
The visual impact of these beautiful rugs is amazing.


Babacou's yellow monkey
Heather says that this rug could have sold several times over.

Ebrima waiting for visitors
Before the public were allowed into the exhibition, Ebrima takes a moment to admire the lovely Rug Aid stand.


Rug-making on the stand
Heather uses the sewing machine to hem some of her even-weave hessian while Babacou and a sighted rug maker work beside her.


Ernest working on the stand
While Ernest hooks a prayer mat, Ebrima makes notes about rug sales and visitors.

Two workers who visited the stand from the British charity Friends of Serrekunde were very impressed by the rugs. They bought some as presents.


Khadyah, who lives in London, was kind enough to offer to help Rug Aid and Heather hopes to meet her again soon.


The Lady Vice-President
Left to right: Heather, Ebrima, Haddy (sighted rug maker),
the Lady Vice-President of The Gambia, Ernest (blind rug maker) on the Rug Aid stand.

Jainaba Touray
Jainaba is one the best rug-makers in the Rug Aid group. She sat on the stand, making rugs, on several days.


Babacou took a turn on the stand, demonstrating how blind people can make rugs, when Ernest was not there.


These women, standing outside the Rug Aid workshop at the GOVI School, are wearing their very best clothes to attend Heather's classes, as usual.