Gambian rug makers


Rug Aid in The Gambia - February 2007
Heather taught blind students in an adult literacy class at the Friends of GOVI school in Kanifing as well as pupils at the nearby St John's school for the deaf.

Friends of GOVI school 1
Heather working with a student.


Friends of GOVI school 2
This young man was very keen and worked through the lunch break.


Friends of GOVI school 3
This student worked very hard all day.

Friends of GOVI school 4
Heather took a limited supply of hessian and fabric and the blind students were so keen they used it all up!


Friends of GOVI school 5
A group of students with their hard-working teacher.


Friends of GOVI school 6
Adult students getting on with their work during this all-day session.

St John's 1
The school has treadle sewing machines and an electric overlocking machine but, sadly, they cannot afford the electricity to run it.


St John's 2
The pupils are not allowed to attend school unless they wear the uniform.


St John's 3
Heather obtained plastic sacks and fabrics locally for the deaf students.

St John's 4
The pupils really enjoyed the session with Heather and were very able.


St John's 5
After the class, Heather left hooks and prodders with the very enthusiatic students.


St John's 6
Heather and the principal of St John's with some of the pupils she taught, and their work.