Gambian rug makers


Rug Aid in The Gambia - December 2007 - #1
Heather returned to The Gambia in December 2007 to teach 35 students rug making at the Friends of GOVI Resource Centre in Kanifing.

Rug school 1
Heather working with a student on her first rug.


Rug school 2
A rug in progress.


Rug school 3
Many of the students were partially sighted or blind.

Rug school 4
Close-up of some of the finished rugs created during the two weeks of teaching.


Rug school 5
One of the students at the school, working on her rug in the shade of a tree.


Rug school 6
Heather guides a blind student to demonstrate the techniques for rug-making.

Rug school 7
Heather working with Jankey, who attended the Rug Aid workshop in February 2007.


Rug school 8
A student working on her first rug.


Rug school 9
Heather guiding a blind student.

Rug school 10
A blind student makes the finishing touches to his first rug.


Rug school 11
A student hard at work on her rug.


Rug School 12
All of the rug hooks were hand-made by Les Ritchie.