Gambian rug makers


Rug Aid in The Gambia - December 2007 - #2
The students were very keen and managed to complete 12 saleable rugs in the short time available. Heather is even more confident now that the project will work.

Rug school 1
This is Maggie who will manage the workshop while Heather is in England.


Rug school 2
Some of the students had attended the February 2007 workshop but some were new to the craft.


Rug school 3
Heather found the group of 35 rather too large at times!

Rug school 4
The students picked up the technique very quickly.


Rug school 5
They made great progress in such a short time.


Rug school 6
Sosseh brought his own scraps of fabric from his local tailor.

Rug school 7
The sighted and blind students worked well together.


Rug school 8
The finishing touches were designed and produced in the UK ahead of the workshop.


Rug school 9
This girl is justifiably very pleased with her rug.

Rug school 10
The designs were varied and colourful.


Rug school 11
Each completed rug had an embroidered label and a swing tag attached.


Rug School 12
The students produced 12 saleable rugs. Heather bought some to use in her fund raising talks in the UK.