Gambia rugmakers


Rug Aid in The Gambia - April 2009
This visit to the workshop benefitted hugely from having Chrissie, a qualified rehabilitation officer for people with visual impairments, and Sue Gilmartin, a talented British rug maker, in attendance.

Ernest's rug
Ernest Faal, a Rug Aid trainee since the first workshop, made this rug which shows two African huts. He sold it to some tourists who visited the workshop while Heather was in The Gambia.


Chrissie at work
Chrissie shows the folding white cane she is about to deliver, by motorbike, to a blind person in The Gambia.


Heather at work 1
Heather and some of her students work on a rug together.

Heather at work 2
Luckily for Heather, she loves this 'work'!


A blind rug maker
As you can see, this man cannot see his work and relies on his sense of touch.


Another blind rug maker
This rug maker cannot see his work either, and he also feels his way across the backing.

At the GOVI school 1
Heather and Natu, watched by Ebrima, prepare a piece of backing fabric.


At the GOVI school 2
Heather hugs one of the rug maker's children while he works. You can see a pile of finished rugs in the background.


At the GOVI school 3
Heather took a selection of simple toys and games for the children of her students - Pooh bear seems to have found a friend in this student!

A beautiful rug
This lovely colourful rug was made to the artist's own design using locally-sourced fabrics.


The rug making class
Chrissie and Ebrima in front of some of the students.


The compound
Sue and Heather visit a compound home in one of the villages near Serrekunde.