Gambia rugmakers


Rug Aid in The Gambia - November 2009
Heather and Les were joined by Miriam and Jacqui for four and a half busy days in the workshop. Heather had bought herself a new camera before this trip: the results speak for themselves as these photos were all taken with it!

Ebrima with Miriam and Jacqui
Miriam and Jacqui, two Australians on an extended rug-making world tour, joined Heather in The Gambia. Here they are with Ebrima Trewally.


Mohammed Jagana
Mohammed Jagana is an influential businessman who has a Rug Aid postcard on his office wall. He bought this rug from the workshop and now it too hangs on his wall!


Mr Touray
Mr Touray is very proud of his Braille watch: Chrissie gave it to him on a previous visit. Three of his daughters are talented rug makers in the workshop.

Mr Touray's compound
These are two of Mr Touray's daughters: they were working on their rugs when Ebrima took Heather, Les, Miriam and Jacqui to visit.


Ernest Faal
Ernest is working on some faces which Heather drew and outlined for him.


A beautiful rug
This rug maker has incorporated a heart into her design. Sitting beside her is Elke, a German volunteer at the GOVI school.

Working on the Rug Rave rug
Jankey, whose vision had deteriorated since Heather first met her, worked on the special Rug Rave rug.


At the GOVI school
Another of the Rug Aid trainees shows just how well her technique has developed.


The GOVI school
The sign outside the GOVI school shows the effort going into supporting blind children: Rug Aid helps blind adults to support themselves.

A beautiful rug
This rug shows the fabulous colours available through using locally-sourced printed African cottons.


The rugs
Just some of the rugs which were finished while Heather was in The Gambia.


The fabrics
Some of the textiles available locally for rug making: in future, a tailor will give as many fabric scraps as the workshop can use.