Theresa Marquez, host of Heartland Stories, is in conversation with Dr. Michelle Perro, Executive Director of GMOScience, co-author of “What is Making our Children Sick” and a veteran pediatrician with over thirty-nine years of experience in acute and integrative medicine. This podcast will address:

  • the gut health/microbiome
  • the links between COVID-19, the gut microbiota and glyphosate
  • what parents can do to keep their children’s microbiome healthy
  • the GMO science website (

“You are what you eat”, “Food is medicine”, “The soil health and your gut health are linked together”, are just a few of Dr. Perro’s quotes from this interview. She advises struggling parents with sick kids to eat chemical-free organic regenerative food, while also paying attention to the nutrient content of the food and making sure to add probiotic food early on.

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