The Northeast Grass-Fed Beef Initiative partners with farmers to support transitions to regenerative, cattle-based systems that help restore ecosystem health and revitalize rural economies.

Regenerative Methods

Regenerative grazing and pasture management practices can revitalize Northeast landscapes and communities.

Our evidence-based approach combines multi-paddock rotational grazing methods with whole farm strategic planning, empowering farmers to build opportunity and stability.

Profitable Farms

Farms that adopt these science-based practices save money on feed, fertilizers, and other off-farm inputs, as well as animal healthcare.

Grass-fed products also sell at a premium, bringing more revenue back to the farm.

Healthy Ecosystems

Regenerative grazing builds soil health and fertility, sequesters carbon, and reduces or eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers and biocides.

These benefits directly combat climate change and water pollution, and protect against droughts and floods.

Resilient Communities

The financial benefits of regenerative grazing provide fair compensation for labor, support viable farm businesses, and build diversified farm income.

Here in the Northeast, we have everything we need to produce grass-fed beef– not only for our rural neighbors, but to supply our own urban areas. We can make our entire region more resilient in times of crises such as pandemics and extreme weather events.


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