About Us

We are physicians, biochemists, plant geneticists, and other scientists joined in a commitment to provide a public platform where genetically engineered (GE) crop and food impacts are openly discussed and thoughtfully analyzed.

Committed to shining a light on the effects of GMOs and their associated pesticides with a lens on health for over 10 years.

Our children are under assault from a multitude of environmental toxicants. The leading cause is industrial food-like products, driven by industry, with a nod from government. In response to this onslaught, GMOScience is dedicated to providing solutions-based guidance informed by unbiased scientific inquiry. 

Our Story

In 2014, a group of scientists, physicians, lawyers, farmers, biochemists, plant geneticists, and educators joined in a commitment to provide a public platform to discuss the effects of GMOs and pesticides with a lens on health.  We were concerned regarding the emergence of the unbridled release of genetically engineered products without any regulatory oversight (read more) nor any qualitative assessments of the potential untoward effects on health and the environment.  

GMOScience is the voice for independent science that supports, curates, interprets, and augments findings in a communal sphere, presented in a comprehensible fashion for nonscientists and the lay public.  Many individuals do not want to consume GMOs, therefore industry and the USDA are now using the more acceptable “bioengineered foods”.  This is a linguistic sleight of hand.

Our Mission

Since its inception, our program and vision have been linking regenerative organic agriculture and health.  The creation of a pilot program, Regeneration Health International, bridges the gaps between wholistic health, moving from Pharma to Farm, and regaining our personal health and environmental terrain.  
The recognition that families need guidance from trustworthy, yet authoritative sources, birthed the podcast of the New MDS: Mothers, Doctors, and Scientists, featuring Advisory Board Members, Zen Honeycutt, GMOScience co-founder and CEO, Michelle Perro, MD, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff respectively, creating a monthly podcast with featured guests on germane topics for parents.  
Bringing four decades of front-line pragmatic medical experience, the writings, teachings, and podcasts of Dr. Perro have been incorporated under the umbrella of GMOScience, adding the depth of clinical perspectives and guidance for families to this platform.

Our Appreciation to Ruth Westreich

This website represents the combined content and missions of  4 previously separate entities: GMOScience, Michelle Perro, MD, the New MDS, and Regeneration Health International.  We wish to acknowledge our board member and financial partner, Ruth Westreich, of The Westreich Foundation for her strategic and financial commitments to move our organizations forward.